Cis regulatory elements, their code, and evolution

Enhancers are DNA elements that are spatial temporal integrators of gene expression. We currently have a poor understanding of their sequence code. We use a range of computational and molecular approaches to understand their mechanisms of action and mode of function.

Non-protein coding mutations in heart disease
Most disease loci lie in non-coding regions of the genome and are enriched at enhancers and promoters. We use functional approaches to study how enhancers are encoded in the heart and how they are disrupted in disease.
Genetics and epigenetics of development, ageing and rejuvenation

We are studying the systems biology of ageing and rejuvenation across different species. We use single cell multi-omics approaches to study the genetics and epigenetics of how cells and tissues are changing in ageing animals and interventions that rejuvenates aged organs. We are also working to better understand the restorative mechanisms of cells in damaged hearts focusing on how regulatory systems change during the repair process.